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Shipping and Charges

Shipping times
The delivery time is calculated on working days and is shown for each item. When goods are dispatched, the customer is informed by e-mail about this fact. The beginning of the delivery time is calculated by type of payment as follows. When making a cash on delivery immediately after the order has been made. In all other ways, when you see a payment on the seller's account.

Postage and packing
Postage is charged according to the quantity of goods and the type of picking of goods as follows:
Personal Subscription - FREE.
Zasilkovna in the Czech Republic - a hand-pack - 57, - CZK, COD plus 15,- CZK.
Transport service PPL in the Czech Republic - 99, - CZK to 150, -CZK, COD plus 19,- CZK.
Transport service PPL outside the Czech Republic - 245-1250 CZK.
The final price for the selected shipping and payment method is displayed directly in the shopping cart (step 2).
With each shipment the customer receives a tax document (invoice). 

Method of payment
By cash or by credit card at your personal collection at Plastic Planet.
By cash on delivery - the goods will be sent by cash on delivery, the full amount will be collected by the customer from the customer or postman upon receipt.
Bank transfer - the option to pay by transferring from any bank account to the vendor's account at (the name of your banking institutions). Your account number is part of the confirmation of your discovery.. Use the number of your order as a variable symbol. Once money is credited to our account, we send the shipment. Payment online via credit card via payment gateway at e-shop or at our store. Payment via PayPal is charged 25 CZK.
The delivered goods remain until the purchase price is fully paid by the seller in accordance with the provisions in force of § 443 - 446 business. z., resp. § 601 obchod. from.

If the order is not paid or not picked up, the order is canceled after 14 days from the date of ordering. To extend this deadline, please contact us by e-mail.

Ask any questions about delivery and payment terms
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