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Photo review Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6 1:72 SPECIAL HOBBY s.r.o.

PlasticPlanet - Photo review Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6   1:72 SPECIAL HOBBY s.r.o. - PlasticPlanet    Photo review of the new plastic model Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6 from the company Special Hobby in scale 1/72.

Photo review of Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6 

1:72 SPECIAL HOBBY s.r.o. 

Buy here: https://www.plasticplanet.cz/modely-1/letadla-a-vrtulniky/1-72/focke-wulf-fw-189c-v-6.html?listtype=search&searchparam=Focke%20Wulf%20Fw%20189C%20%2F%20V-6%20

Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6_foto 00Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6_foto 01

Author: Milan Nes


Focke Wulf Fw 189 was produced in series by the well-known reconnaissance versions of the Fw 189A and also in the transport and training version of the Fw 189B (recently also released by SH). Chief designer Kurt Tank also designed a battle version of the Fw 189C, which was tested in two variants. Fw-189V-1b was created by rebuilding the original prototype 189V-1, which received a heavily armored cockpit and gunner. The machine was heavily underpowered and was destroyed during tests due to the very poor view of the cabin. This was followed by a "serial" version of the V-6 with a redesigned gondola with a distinctly more ergonomic solution. The performance was improved by the use of more powerful engines and adjustable propellers. But he remained only in ambush, if he did not succeed Hs 129, which did not happen.


The prototype model of the last variant of the battle version, marked V-6, brings us the manufacturer in a re-edition of an older, but now unavailable kit, which no other manufacturer of plastic kits, this battle version, publishes and, as far as I know, never published. So an interesting model for the collection - showcase.

Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6_foto 02

The moldings are sharp and fine engraved. No dents or burrs. Smaller capillaries in several places, but they will definitely only go polished.


Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6_foto 03

Cabin, typical for this type. Armor depicted very realistically. After closing, there will be virtually nothing to see inside


Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6_foto 04

The overall design is successful, only the chassis part is relatively simpler, but again the construction will overflow, or you get a little bit of the northgreens and wires… for me successful and I'm very grateful for the reissue - I'm happy to put the model in the showcase.

Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6_foto 05

The clear part is sharp and intelligible with transparency, given that it was a relatively heavily armored glass, it corresponds to the original.

Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6_foto 06

The decals are an excellent trap and a new type of Eduard - so they will go "peeled off" and thus create ideal wet transfers. The clear part of the sight is perfectly executed with fine details. The etching contains several small parts. Belts are not even needed, from the cabin it won't see anthing. 


Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6_foto 07

The instructions are traditionally made by the manufacturer, so they are colorful, simple and clear. The recommended colors used are Gunze C and H.


Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6_foto 08

There is one camouflage of a test machine in Rachlin available in the kit from the end of September 1940 in a traditional camouflage of broken surfaces RLM 70/71 and lower surfaces RLM 65.


Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6_foto 09

Accessories for masks for clear parts and wheels are available directly from the manufacturer - M72020. Personally, I don't see anything else as necessary. Due to the geometry of the cab, it is really not visible inside and the modeller will complete any installations in the chassis shafts himself. You may need possible engine details that can be used in other versions (both possibly a covered engine from a CMK or a propeller) or castors… but this is a matter of a purely individual perspective and needs.


Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6_foto 10

The built model from the "box" will enliven many showcases and the modeller will get a really untraditional model for the collection, and I also think it is very attractive and good-looking.


You can read more about this plastic model here: