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The Westland Lysander

Kód: VWP AD 09 Novinka
The Westland Lysander - publikace, 114 stran
Dostupnost: Skladem
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The Westland LysanderOur ninth title in the Airframe Detail series will be an essential companion for anyone tackling the Revell (ex-Matchbox) kit in 1/32nd scale, the Eduard/Gavia and Italeri/Hawk/Testor 1/48th examples or the many 1/72 scale kits from Airfix, Matchbox, Frog and the new tool Dora Wings kit released this year.
Contents include:
Period detail images during production and testing
A wealth of historical photographs and technical diagrams
Detailed walkaround images of the preserved examples
Colour profiles by Richard J. Caruana
Lists of all Lysander kits and accessories produced in all scales
Full detailed build of the new Dora Wings 1/72 scale Mk III (SD) kit by Libor Jekl
112 pages plus covers
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