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Newsletter - December 2021

PlasticPlanet - Newsletter - December 2021 - PlasticPlanet    First, let me, while it still goes...  to invite you to visit our shop on Kodymova Street. In the pre-Christmas time, we have decided to extend the opening hours Monday to Friday opening hours 12-18 hours and Advent Saturday 10-12 hours.

Dear customer.      

First, let me, while it still goes...  to invite you to visit our shop on Kodymova Street. In the pre-Christmas time, we have decided to extend the opening hours Monday to Friday opening hours 12-18 hours and Advent Saturday 10-12 hours. Of course, we ask you to comply with the current covid measures. Thanks

Christmas is also associated with our traditional pre-Christmas discount event. Although we introduced it in the previous e-mail, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have gradually added new items. Now you already have 190 items at your disposal, which we have reduced by up to 50 percent. Among them you will find models of aircraft, combat vehicles, as well as publications and magazines. In short, a varied selection for winter evenings or tips for Christmas gifts. Do not hesitate, these are mostly models or publications whose quantity is limited and often otherwise difficult to access.


We are still stocking a lot of news for you. Let's start with airplanes. We have a lot of news both in 1:32, 1:48 or 1:72 scale, but also less traditionally 1:144. Let's start from the largest scale – 1:32. On this scale, aircraft and helicopters from the Vietnam War period predominate among the novelties. Whether it's a helicopter AH-1G od ICM, new version Cessny O-2A Skymaster or Cessny L-19/ O-1 Bird Dog on floats from Roden (Bird Dog had fought alongside Vietnam earlier in Korea). However, they did not stay aside for other periods.

From the period of the 2.sv War we will mention a new model from Revel – P-51D and Spitfire Mk.I in several decal versions from Hobby2000 or in a slightly different scale 1:35 nice kit Bf-109G od Border Modelu. In addition, it contains a pilot figure in various poses. Interestingly, it is not clear in advance in which of the four poses the kit contains the figure. Well, and if we are wearing figures - ICM has prepared a set of allied Second War pilots 1:32. Even those interested in the next period will not come simply – Tornado IDS/ECR by Italeri or Dewoitine D.510 od Dora Wing definitely worth and worth paying attention to.


Moving on to the "Thursdays", Eduard provides a portion of news here, but it is also worth mentioning the novelties of non-traditional machines from Dora Wing or Roden. Hobby2000 then brought a re-edition of the Hs-129B in several decal versions.


PlasticPlanet - Tempest Mk. V série 2 1/48 - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - P-51D-20 Mustang 1/48 - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Seversky P-35 (4x camo) - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Curtiss-Wright SNC-1 Falcon II (3x camo) - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Pilatus PC-6 B2/H4 Turbo Porter - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Fairchild AU-23A Peacemaker - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Pilatus PC-6 B2/H4 Turbo Porter Floatplane - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Pilatus PC-6C/H-2 Turbo-Porter - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Curtiss H-75N - Royal Thai Air Force - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - XA2D-1 Skyshark - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Henschel Hs-129B-2 North Africa - PlasticPlanet



As part of the November news, Attack Hobby Kits has prepared a mobile workshop of the Wehrmacht, on the chassis of the "little Blitz".


PlasticPlanet - Henschel Hs-129B-2 North Africa - PlasticPlanet


Well, and "smaller" scales, including perhaps the most popular one – 1:72. Most of the novelties in terms of covers are due to Special Hobby and Eduard, but others are also worth mentioning. IBG has supplemented its range of models with PZL-11F in Romanian war colors, OE-1 Bird Dog is from AVI model even in this scale, two versions of F1M Pete are from Fujimi, Mirage III from ModelSvit, Curtiss C-46 Commando from Valom and jet Arado Ar 234 in several versions from Hobby2000.


PlasticPlanet - DH.100 Vampire Mk.3 ’European and American Operators’ - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - AJ-37 Viggen ‘Strike Fighter’ - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Focke Wulf Fw 189C / V-6 - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1 ‘J/88 Legion Condor’ - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - MiG-21MF Fighter Bomber 1/72 - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - HURRISTORY: Hurricane Mk. I 1/72 - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - PZL P.11f 72521 IBG Models 1:72 - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - OE-1 Bird Dogs MARINES - Korean & Vietnam War - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Mitsubishi F1M2 Pete (Battleship Nagato / Tateyama Air Squadron) - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Mirage IIIEA/EBR - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Curtiss C-46A Commando - PlasticPlanet


In order not to come simply those interested in combat equipment, so only in the form of pictures we will mention the most interesting kits.

PlasticPlanet - T-55 CZECHOSLOVAK PRODUCTION with KMT-5M MINE ROLLER - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - US 1,5t 4×4 G506 FLATBED TRUCK - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - 3Ro Italian Truck - 90/53 Ammunition Carrier - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - L4500A mit 3.7 cm Flak 37 - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - BM-13-16 on G7107 base - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Type 2,5-32 Plateau with High Side (PE exterior set, resin alternative wheels) - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Type 2,5-32 Wehrmacht Werkstattwagen - Hobby Line 09 - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Italian Armoured Car 1ZM - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Diamond T 969 Wrecker with M2 Machine Gun - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Crusader Mk.I Close Support British Cruiser Tank Mk.VI - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - A10 Mk IA British Close Support Tank 1/72 - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - Type 4 Ke-Nu Japanese Light Tank - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - PLA ZBL-09 IFV (1:72) - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - AMX Mk.61 105 mm Self Propelled Howitzer - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - JACAM 4x4 Unimog long-range patrol - PlasticPlanet

PlasticPlanet - AML-60 Mortar Carrier 60 mm (4x4) - PlasticPlanet


If your loved ones are hesitant about what would make you happy under the tree, we offer the possibility of buying discounted gift coupons.


We stock a lot of news on an ongoing basis, follow us on the website or on facebook pages.

Thank you for your support and we will be happy to answer any questions by email shop@plasticplanet.cz, by phone at 235 315 925 or in person at the store in Prague 5 (opening hours Monday to Friday 12-18 h, Saturday 10-12 h). If you need to stop at another time, call us and we will definitely arrange.


We look like it to you


Team Plastic Planet


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