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Newsletter February 2019

PlasticPlanet - Newsletter February 2019    February brought calm down after Christmas madness and perhaps a little time to model and read historical attractions. During February, we brought a lot of nice news from, for example, from IBG, S-Model and First to Fight.

Dear customer,

February brought calm down after Christmas madness and perhaps a little time to model and read historical attractions. During February, we brought in a lot of great news, for example from IBG, S-Model and First to Fight, and other news companies did not get the news, as you can find out FEBRUARY NEWS 2019.

These, but also all other models are very much like HATAKA colors, which we added to the warehouse after Christmas. If you still wonder whether to invest in them, make it simpler. Come and experience the colors in our spring club Plastic Saturday, March 16th.

You can read reviews of other nice new builders and a number of historical stories in the new issue of Plastic Planet 1/2019, which will be distributed on Monday, 4.3.2019.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our stand at Prosek as part of the annual PANTHER CUP 2019 event, use our pre-ordered goods for FREE SHIPPING.


News that might be of interest to you ...

News from IBG, S-Model, First to Fight, Attack or Valliant are out of stock. During March, new items will come from Trumpeter and Hobby Boss, from which, among other things, the modern heavy strategic Russian bombers return to the shelves.


The Plastic Planet Club Meeting and the HATAKA Colors Workshop can be enjoyed at our shop Kodymova 8, Prague 8 - Stodůlky on Saturday, March 16, 1919. Brushes and spray guns and the necessary material will be available. Bring your offspring together, we'll have enough fun and test stuff.


And what about a bigger modeling event?

What to do if you go to Prosek and visit the traditional event PANTHERS CUP 2019. Take advantage of free shipping for everything you order in our e-shop. At the end of March, you can meet us at an event in Jihlava.


New Plastic Planet magazine is already baking!

Today we have submitted the materials to the printer and from Monday 4.3. the distribution of the new issue of the magazine 1/2019 will be launched. This is the number we have been reading for the ninth year of our magazine. Thank you.

In this issue we start with the article about Caudron G.IV. The author himself admired the pilots who flew in the machine during the First World War, because according to him, on such flying machines made of a few wooden parts glued with a thin tensioning cloth, they could fly only the semi-adventure of the adventurer Novinka is an article about the Spanish civil war, it calls for a description of reality, but focuses on the experience that the world has taken away from this war. We will look at the Chinese sky for the last time, to Qingdao. In the fifth part, the author laughs with pilots and machines, whose wings hover in a mighty conflict for several years. The second part of The Strange War on Aleutian Islands is entitled "Calm before the Storm"; the first part ended with a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, so Alaska is now in peace. At least for a while. The review section of the magazine can not begin except by looking back at the Nuremberg Fair. We were in place and in the photocell we brought the most interesting things the exhibitors offered. We also offer experience from the construction of the so-called Box, namely the MiG-23ML, the aircraft of the 1930's Bücker Bü 131 and the 1.5 Ton Railroad Truck AA Type.


For those of you who have read so far we have a small bonus. As an excuse for our loathsome e-shop in the last week of February, the first 20 of you are open for a discount of  2,10 EUR per purchase. Discount code 2WEB2019 enter directly into shopping cart, discount is immediately deducted.

We keep a lot of news on-line, follow us on the web or facebook pages.

Thank you for your support and we will be happy to answer any questions by email at shop@plasticplanet.cz, by phone at 00420 235 315 925 or personally at the shop Kodymova 8.

Plastic Planet team