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News - 2019/11

PlasticPlanet - News - 2019/11    Dear customer, Christmas time is slowly approaching and you are wondering what new you would like to do? Check out our news ...

Dear customer,

new goods arrived last week and we would like to highlight some interesting news. Slowly comes the time when there is space to read something or to throw on a new model. Therefore, today we will draw attention not only to news, but also to new publications from Valiant Wings Publishing. Chinese companies Trumpeter and Hobby Boss launched several interesting models of Russian combat technology. You can find out more in NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 2019.

Before Christmas we bring a sale. Do not hesitate, the honor of the pieces is limited and the opportunity will not be repeated. In addition, the discount on First to Fight and Hataka colors, which you can get at attractive prices, continues.

On Saturday, December 14, another Plastic Saturday will take place in our shop in Prague's Stodůlky, CZECH REPUBLIC.


Henschel Hs 123 A Technical Guide

Henschel Hs 123 remains in the shadow of the much better known German fighter aircraft during World War II. Still, it is worth attention. This sturdy biplane began development and deployed German dive bombers, including the developed tactics of their deployment. The machine, of course, remains in the shadow of the successor Ju 87, the legendary Stuka, but was deployed both in Spain and in far China to subsequently taste the first battles of World War II. Valiant Wings Publishing publishes a new publication focusing on this German aircraft in the Air Frame Detail series. After a very short introduction about the technical development of the machine is followed by a longer chapter on its combat deployment accompanied by a number of interesting photographs. A unique feature is the many line drawings of machine details accompanied by period photographs of construction details. Following is a chapter with many side views and at the end, in the modeling section, you will learn how to review the models and accessories in all possible scales and how to build the Hs 123 from GasPatch in 1/48 scale. simply high quality publications, as you are accustomed to from "Valiant".

In addition to this news, we would like to draw your attention to the addition of Valiant Wings Publiting. Very successful publications on the Fw 190, both with a radial and an in-line engine, are returning to the market. The publications are from the second, extended edition.



Pantsir and others, or Russian combat technology are not just tanks

Trumpeter produced several new kits of modern Russian combat vehicles in 1:35 scale. The kits are packed in really big boxes indicating that they are not crumbs. Perhaps the best known of the models is anti-aircraft set Pantsir, which is currently deployed in Syria. It is also worth mentioning the rocket launcher Uragan or Tornado-S or a large tractor MAZ-537 with a trailer designed for transporting heavy armored vehicles. From the opposite spectrum in size is the model of the light combat vehicle BMP-4 designed for Russian paratroopers.





Plastic Saturday 14.12. and a workshop with HATAKA colors

Again after a month we invite you to a club meeting. Brushes, spray guns and necessary material will be available. Pack your kids, fun and test material will be enough.
Last time the meeting was considerably extended when it was necessary to finish the camouflage on several under construction models.





MiniArt newly released civilian gyroplane AVRO CIERVA C.30A, who flew for the legend of the Czech pre-war shoemaking - Bata or German single-seat helicopter with an open cockpit FL 282 V-16 Kolibri, nicknamed Hummingbird. This model was one of the first helicopters used in combat and today presented box contains camouflage tests in the USSR.



Russian company Zvezda came up with new models of Soviet machines. The first is a modern Russian multi-purpose fighter of the fifth generation SU-57, which was designed to gain air superiority. It first flew in 2010 and its tests are still ongoing and its future is under discussion. Another is the Soviet dive bomber PETLYAKOV PE-2. It was a bomber that flew from the beginning of World War II until its end and continued to serve after it. Among other things, the Czechoslovak Air Force.



The fighters also bet the company HobbyBoss with the Russian Yak 28 and the company MiniArt with Mig-25, a safety aircraft designed for high altitudes and speeds of the Mach 3 NATO is called Foxbat. Both fighters are in 1/48 scale.

Other news - trucks, civil cars or tanks can be found at Zvezda and ICM. Zvezda released Russian THREE AXLE TRUCK K-5350 (1/35), nicknamed Mustang and German SELF-PROPELLED ARTISTER GUN STURMPANZER IV (1/100), nicknamed "BRUMMBAR". ICM bet on British truck W.O.T. 8 (1/35) from World War II. Or a 1910 London AG (1/24) from the beginning of motoring.


Trumpeter released Russian destroyer TASZKIENT 1940 (1/350) and heavy cruiser HMS Kent (1/350) serving in the Royal Navy during World War II. For 1/350 scale shipbuilders, these are unique designs that no one has ever produced.


We finish our newsletter with one thing - Allied World War II (1/35) traffic signs from MiniArt.



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